Making Adjustments

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Usually, during the school year, I am able to spend 30+ hours per week on online ministry – writing posts for both of my blogs, responding to comments, making Youtube videos, and sharing on Facebook. When my children are home for the summer, things get a bit more challenging ministry-wise. I don’t want to spend 30 hours per week online when I can spend time with them making memories and doing things together. This particular summer, we have had some staffing issues at the pharmacy where I work. At this point, it looks like I may be needed more at work throughout the whole summer, maybe even longer. I don’t know for sure yet. This has been a blessing to Greg that I have been able to work so much more in the pharmacy. I am thankful for that and thankful for my job. I am torn because I don’t want to neglect y’all in any way  – and yet, I have to make some changes, at least for the summer. I can’t do everything I really want to do.

Instead of having about 30 hours or so per week for ministry, I am going to have to adjust my expectations for the next 2 months, at least, that I will probably have about 10 hours per week. 

Would you please join with me in praying as I seek to do only what God desires me to do above all else?


You are so very good. You alone have all wisdom. You know the plans You have for each of us. You are able to change our circumstances and direct our steps. You have the wisdom we need for every aspect of our lives. You know my heart – how I want to be in the very center of Your will. I want my priorities to align with Yours no matter what. I want to be sure I am spending much time with You in fervent prayer and in Your Word. I want to use my time wisely and make the most of the time I have with our children. I want to use my time wisely in ministry and I long to be available for You to use me however You desire to here. You know the deep sadness I feel when I think about not being able to be as available in ministry. I want to use my time wisely at work to bless and minister to those You ordain to cross my path there. More than my will, I long for Your will.

I lay everything out before You, Lord. I give You all of myself and all of my time and abilities. I will not cling to anything but Christ. Show me the way You desire me to go. Make it clear to Greg and to me the path You have for me. If You desire me to be at work more, I want to be where You want me to be. If You desire me to minister more, I want to be there. If You desire me to be with my children more, I want to be there. Help me to hear Your voice clearly as I wrestle with balancing all of these very good things in a way that brings You delight and honor. Direct my steps.

I also have another book to write that is due December 1st. Help me manage my time wisely so that I am able to hear Your voice and write Your message in that book and give it the time it needs, as well. I hope to really get going on it again when school starts back but not my will, but Your will be done. Please give me Your Spirit’s power, Your words, Your truth, Your love, and the time I need to allow You to pour through me into that work, as well, for Your glory.

I seek the good of my husband, our children, my boss/coworkers/patients, and those to whom I minister online. I know that You are able to lead me in the way that will ultimately be best for all involved and that will bring You the most glory. I pray that You might greatly increase and I might greatly decrease. I lay my dreams, desires, and plans down. I will wait patiently on You to show me Your way. Let me spend my time doing exactly what You want me to do in every area of my life.



Right now, I expect that I will need to drop back to one post per week for the rest of the summer. I will also have to adjust how often I post on, Facebook, my closed Facebook prayer group, and my Youtube channel, “April Cassidy.”

If you have been on this journey for awhile and you feel led by God’s Spirit, please reach out to those who are struggling and hurting in the comments. I will need some extra hands on deck to help me minister. I really don’t even have to say this – because y’all already do such an amazing job!! I am beyond grateful for the amazing readers God has provided here. You bless me tremendously! I want to thank so many of you for the way you all reach out to others and the way you extend love, support, prayer, encouragement, and the way you share the treasures God has given you in the times of fiery trials in your lives.

People are welcome to comment. 🙂  I appreciate your patience, though, as I may not be able to respond as quickly as I have in the past.

One good thing about these time constraints is that I pray it will help us all to be sure we are depending primarily on God, not on any person. Ultimately Christ is what we all need so desperately. What a blessing that He allows us to share this road together. I’m honored to get to be here!



Be greatly glorified in each of our lives. Let us be in the very center of Your perfect will doing exactly what You desire us to do each moment of every day!






26 Comments on “Making Adjustments”

  1. Victorious Wife
    June 16, 2016 at 8:17 am #

    Standing in prayer with you, April, and looking forward to seeing how God will use you in this busy season!


    • Peacefulwife
      June 16, 2016 at 9:09 am #

      Thank you, Victorious Wife! I know God will use all of this for good. He knows what is best. I am trusting Him. 🙂


  2. Liz
    June 16, 2016 at 8:24 am #

    Praying in agreement with you for the Lord’s best in your life, for His wisdom and direction, strength, and blessings. Thank you for allowing God to use you for His glory. You are a blessing to so many.


    • Peacefulwife
      June 16, 2016 at 9:08 am #

      Thank you, Liz. 🙂 I appreciate the prayer greatly.


  3. mission61
    June 16, 2016 at 8:47 am #

    Hi April,
    The best comment I can give you on all of this is something that I have learned from this wonderful website and that is “Trust what God speaks through your husband in regards to your pleas to God.” My prayer for Greg is: Abba, Father, thank you for this union of oneness with You. Thank you that Greg and April are both submitted to You and Your will in their lives. Please give Greg the wisdom to lead his family, especially regarding these questions regarding his wife’s time, and then I would ask that April would fully trust and rest in the answer that he speaks to her as being totally from You. No matter what it sounds like, no matter how different it might seem that You would answer, may they both trust fully in using Greg as Your spokesperson.

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    • Peacefulwife
      June 16, 2016 at 9:08 am #


      I am very much trusting God to lead me through Greg in these things. So sweet! Thank you so much for the encouragement and the prayer. 🙂


  4. Tina
    June 16, 2016 at 9:44 am #

    April we are all so fortunate to have you in our lives. God, family and your job are all important. May the Lord continue to bless you and lead you the way you should go!

    I was invited to start a women’s 10 week bible study by Beth Moore with a friend. After attending the first study this past Tuessay I’m excited for the next week. I firmly believe people are put in our lives for a reason and I know God is working in my life! I thank you for everything you do to minister to all of us!

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  5. Humbled Husband
    June 16, 2016 at 1:11 pm #


    Every time I see a new comment put up here and see the compassionate way that you gently and consistently respond and point people to Christ as the healer I am grateful to God for you, the Woohoo lady!

    The healing that has been a part of my life through your ministry has been immense and you will forever remain one of the key influencing people in my spiritual journey. My friends and family hear me speak of you with great respect as someone who consistently and faithfully pointed me to Christ and not to yourself. It is this genuineness of spirit that allowed me to trust your words and to allow God to work in me and trust Him through my own and ongoing firey trial.

    You may not realise just how much you reaching out to me on a personal level has sustained me through this separation but I assure you that without your ministry I am positive that I would not be dealing with this separation in a way that has allowed me to see Christ through it all.

    If it is indeed God’s plan for you to reduce your hours here then He surely has something else for you to do that will bring further blessing to people and glory to His name. His people are not cast aside like a spent cartridge!

    I will join in prayer for God’s guidance for you but even as I write that I already know that I have faith in God’s plan and purpose for you, Greg and your family. May your summer holidays be RICHLY blessed and may God continue to pour His favor upon you all.

    In Christ, HH


    • Peacefulwife
      June 16, 2016 at 1:41 pm #


      I believe with all my heart that God brings people here – including you. I have been able to stand on my spiritual tiptoes since the day you first started writing to me to see some of the good plans God has in store for your walk with Christ and a glimpse of the way I believe He wants to use you for the Kingdom. It is my honor and privilege to get to walk beside you on this journey. I know that there are not many resources for husbands and men. I know there are not really any comparable websites or forums where men can find this kind of support – or, I haven’t discovered them yet, if there are.

      The things we all have to learn as believers are so similar – for marrieds and singles, for men and for women. We all need to learn about:
      – God’s sovereignty
      – dying to self
      – clinging to Christ
      – tearing out idols
      – taking our thoughts captive
      – destroying our pride
      – trashing worldly, human wisdom
      – embracing and building our lives on God’s Word and truth alone
      – how desperately we need Christ
      – that trials should be counted as joy because God will use them to help us grow closer to Him and to refine our faith which is more valuable than gold
      – that Jesus desires unity and love in the Body of Christ, that when one of us hurts, we all hurt, and when one is honored, we all rejoice
      – that suffering – when it is approached with faith – can produce incredible beauty and glory for Christ
      – that no one is beyond God’s reach
      – that Jesus is truly the greatest treasure there is
      – that when people sin against us, they are ensnared by the enemy
      – that love and forgiveness are much more powerful than hate and fear

      I’m so thankful we can share the treasures God gives us with each other and that He flows through each of us to bless and love the others.

      Your comment brings such joy to my heart. Yes, God does have a plan. He will lead me every step of the way. It grieves my soul to think of not being available as much here – but – I also am reminded that I am not the key. Jesus is. Perhaps He wants me a bit more out of His way so He can shine more brightly. That is fine with me!

      Thank you for praying for me and my family. I long only for God’s will and for Him to be pleased with everything I think, say, and do. I want to be His hands and feet in this world wherever He plants me.

      What God is doing in your life is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, my brother.

      I pray often for you and many others here who are on this journey together with us.

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      • Humbled Husband
        June 16, 2016 at 2:51 pm #


        I agree, I am certain that God brings people to the places He wants them to be. God led me here for sure.

        You know what? A brother shared with me a couple of weeks ago that at the end of 2014 he prayed fervently for me and my walk with the Lord until he came to faith that God was going to draw me to Him and teach me to walk with Him!

        I’m not sure if I have shared these details but shortly after his prayer (which I was unaware of) I was awoken at 3 am with what the paramedics thought was a stroke. Loss of vision, unable to speak, felt like a log splitter in my head. An ambulance ride and the subsequent hospital time was only the BEGINNING of the experiences God has been using to teach me. I lay in that ambulance thinking “I am going to meet God tonight. TONIGHT. This is it, this is my death. I know I am saved but what have I done for Him? I am not ready to die.”

        Then a failed (and expensive) business experience early 2015. Then my son having some particular struggles at school. Then my wife’s request for a divorce. All of this SHATTERED me and sent me absolutely SEARCHING for answers, initially for my marriage but ultimately for God’s purpose.

        Then your blog. 3 am has featured a LOT this last year, actually it was 3 am when I wrote my comment this morning haha!! And this last year I would often awake at 3 am with burning questions and I couldn’t ask anybody here because they are all asleep, but on the other side of the world God had already prepared someone to help show me some of those answers! There are so many nights I have woken at 3 and prayed and talked through this journey. In particular one business trip where I had hours upon hours in the isolated outback by myself with limited phone reception. That was the trip I truly laid down the idol of my marriage before God. I have a photograph of the isolated mountain peak I was sitting on as I thrashed this through with God. Goosebumps right now thinking of God’s ways!

        And yes, the things we have to learn as believers are almost all the same! Some slight differences in roles and responsibilities but exactly the same spiritual truths.

        Although I feel like there is so much more I need to know before I am ready to serve Him properly April. I am SUCH a spiritual baby!!!!!!!!! Oh how I sense how LITTLE I truly know and have in myself. There is a hunger in my heart, an ache that I know can only be satisfied with Christ. I’m not happy with an entrée, I want the wedding feast!

        I am so grateful for the time God is giving me to be alone with Him! As full of grief as I am over my family’s absence (miss them so much) I know God has given me this time to teach me and open my heart.

        I have felt in the last two weeks that the way this blog has featured in my life over the last year and a bit is going to change somehow. It is interesting to me that this sense ties in with your increased work hours and family commitments. Perhaps He brought me here for a purpose but that purpose has been fulfilled and now He wants me elsewhere. Somehow. I’m not sure I fully understand it yet 🙂

        Heh, I’m competing with LMS for post length now! All this to say that God is GOOD and He will bring you, I and all of us to where we need to be. Praise Him!

        Oh!!!!! And guess what! My wife is going to know Christ 🙂 I am certain of this. I do not know when and I do not know how God is going to work this, but He showed me on Saturday night and confirmed it again Sunday night in prayer that His plan is for her to know Him. I have 100% confidence in this and am waiting with joyful expectation for His work 🙂 One day I will let you know of my own victory story. Actually scratch that, I will let you know of HIS victory story in our life 🙂

        In Christ, HH

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        • Tina
          June 16, 2016 at 6:00 pm #

          I love reading your reply! You’re so upbeat and positive! I’m on the other side with my husband leaving me 4 months ago. We had struggled with another woman in the picture and I was trying so hard to learn to be a peaceful wife….but of course after our house fire and all that stress, he left.

          I have turned it over to God, but I have to move forward for my girls. God will have to take care of him. Inward wondering if your wife has moved forward with her divorce plans? I hired an attorney for protection with insurance and she started divorce papers to help as well. I don’t see him coming back since he has started the relationship with the other woman he said was just a friend.
          Keep writing HH!!


          • Humbled Husband
            June 16, 2016 at 6:43 pm #

            Hi Tina,

            I have my hard moments but I am grateful for the joy God is giving 🙂 She has not formally lodged a divorce yet. I will cross that bridge when I arrive at it!



        • Peacefulwife
          June 17, 2016 at 8:26 am #

          Humbled Husband,

          How I praise God for the brother who prayed for you in 2014! What a journey you have had. I don’t think I remember reading about the ambulance ride. God is so gracious and good to provide the people and resources we need at the time we need them.

          I think, too, that men and women who tend to be more “controlling” or “dominating” have similar things to learn, even in marriage. And it seems to me, that those who tend to be too passive have similar things to learn, as well – whether they are men or women. We are all tempted to swing too far one way or the other. It is helpful, in my view, to be able to hash through the details of what it looks like to move toward God’s ways and to lay down our wisdom, our sinful fixed beliefs, our idolatry, and our fear and to move toward God.

          I am hopeful that I will have more time again in the fall when school starts back – but I am sure God will show me how much time He wants me investing here. I love being here with all of you and watching God transform lives and hearts around the world in about 200 countries. It is the most amazing experience!

          I love your heart for God, your ability to see how much more there is to learn (I feel exactly the same way), and your hunger for more and more of Christ. That is what I long for all of us to have! That is my prayer!

          You are most welcome to continue commenting here as long as God leads you to. It seems to me that God speaks through your experiences and His work in your life to so many here to bless and encourage them.

          I love your faith in Christ and that you are feeling confirmation about what God is going to do in your wife’s life. This brings great joy to my heart and a huge smile to my face!
          Thank you for sharing, our brother!


        • Bel
          June 17, 2016 at 9:12 am #

          Hi HH
          You are so inspirational. I’m trying so hard to get where you are. Please tell me , if you can, how did God show you and confirm this to you? You have told me in a comment before that you don’t feel God speaking to you like others here do. And I’m the same. So has this changed? I’m so interested to know this. And thrilled for you.


          • Humbled Husband
            June 17, 2016 at 7:16 pm #

            Hi Bel 🙂

            I hope you are doing well! When I read your comment just now I thought of the scripture “It is God that works in you to will and to do His good pleasure”. It seems to me that you want to so He is already working in you 🙂 Be encouraged that it is God who does the work in all of us to take us where He knows we need to go, we just need to trust Him!

            Regarding God speaking to me, I still don’t feel God speaking to me in the way I want to. There are countless decisions that I make where I wish I had His mobile number and could flick off a quick text asking for guidance! :p That hasn’t changed and maybe never will? God has given us a lot of guidance through His word and I suspect that a lot of the day to day decisions should just be made on these principles.

            The confirmation I had about her coming to know Christ was different somehow. I don’t know if I can put it into words! I have mentioned the slow changes in my prayers from “God just bring her back to me” to seeing the way she is so trapped and unhappy in herself and praying with love for her blessing as a priority, yes?

            Well, Friday night last week was awful. Few things happened that I don’t want to mention publicly. On Saturday I was quite down all day. After putting the kids to bed I began reading and praying. I was consciously standing in intercession for her salvation and surrendered everything to God. The only thing I wanted was for her to know Christ and find healing and wholeness in Him. I just loved her in prayer with a pure love from heaven.

            The scripture “if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask what you desire and it shall be done unto you” came into my heart with such force! I was overwhelmed with the certainty that I was asking for something that God absolutely WANTED to give and was GOING to give. I praised Him on her behalf. Sunday night I brought the same request to Him but quickly realised I did not need to. I had the same certainty in my Spirit that He is going to draw her to Himself and many other scriptures came to me in prayer confirming this. I cannot put into words really the experience other than to say I now KNOW she will come to Christ. I believe the Holy Spirit laid these scriptures on my heart as an answer to my prayer for her salvation.

            I have no idea when, how or through what means. I have no idea if I will be a part of leading her to Christ or someone else. I have no idea if it will mean a healed marriage or reconciliation. I have no idea of anything about the future. But I don’t need to. My job is to trust God for whatever comes.

            I’m sorry if that is unclear still Bel, it’s the best I can explain it using words 🙂

            Love in Christ, HH


            • Bel
              June 20, 2016 at 10:31 pm #

              Hi HH
              You explained it perfectly. That is so amazing and wonderful that while you were praying you had that certainty. I love to hear from you and how God is working in your life. Wow. I know you still have much pain, but it’s so obvious that yor faith is strong and sure. After a very low couple of weeks a God is giving me enough for another day. One day at a time.


              • Humbled Husband
                June 21, 2016 at 1:32 am #

                One day is all we are asked to face at a time 🙂


    • ContentinChrist
      June 19, 2016 at 4:48 pm #

      The WooHoo lady — haha, love it!

      So good to hear what God has been up to you in your life, brother!


  6. Sister Amy A
    June 16, 2016 at 4:09 pm #

    Praying for you as you balance your responsibilities. Thank you for being willing to share your journey with each of us.

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  7. Ellen
    June 16, 2016 at 5:21 pm #

    You are doing a wonderful job April. I have a blog and I really wish I could figure out how to keep it going with one post a week. Thankfully, what few comments it gets don’t even really need much of a response.

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  8. Sky
    June 17, 2016 at 6:23 am #


    I’m praying for you as well. I appreciate this blog so much and the way you continually point people to Jesus. Thank you.

    To everyone who has posted, thank you for sharing some of yourself. It truly makes a difference. I have gotten just as much from the comments as the original posts. April I love the guest posts.

    When we keep Jesus as our focus, everything works out.

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    • Tina
      June 17, 2016 at 10:17 am #

      Sky, I agree with you! Reading other comments and everyone helping each other keeps me going some days! To God be the glory for inspiring April and starting this blog!


  9. Eliza
    June 17, 2016 at 7:21 am #


    I’m happy and thankful to hear of God’s leading and direction at this time in your life. I, myself, have just finished the final chapter with my husband in the rearing of our kids, and I Know what you have before you as your children enter the beginning years of puberty. They will need much more of your time! And believe me, it will go much faster than you think or like!!

    Our marriages require time and attention, but our children need much time and attention as well. Your children will need you near and available to them….believe me — this is critical. The next few years are crucial as they step into the time frame when they will make decisions themselves regarding their own walks with Christ. It is this time when they will make concrete decisions about what THEY believe and how THEY will serve our Lord in their lives. They will need your (and their father’s) utmost time, guidance, and involvement. They will need to know they are a priority over your ministry(ies).

    I thank God for getting us through these years as they were much more challenging than I (we) had a ever even imagined. The enemy is fierce and knows how to both subtly and even blatantly try to lure them in the way of the world. Please remain vigilant and do not shift your gaze away from them even for a moment. There is no greater ministry than raising our kids to know and serve God 🙂

    Love and prayers,


    • Peacefulwife
      June 17, 2016 at 8:30 am #


      Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I cherish them. 🙂

      I always love when you share your heart in our conversations. You are such a blessing to me and to the others here.

      Much love!


  10. ContentinChrist
    June 19, 2016 at 4:45 pm #

    Dearest April/peacefulwife/the WooHoo lady (I think I like that last name best!, lol!)

    I love you, sister. You warm my heart – love your prayer surrendering it all to God.

    Father, I lift April and her family and her ministry up to you. Thank you for the way you have moved powerfully in her life and for the way you have spoken through her, loved through her, instructed through her on this ministry and of course in all of her life outside of her ministry. Those of us who have been blessed by you through her ministry are grateful beyond words, Lord. God, bless her and Greg and her children. I pray that you will continue to protect and defend their family. I pray that you will have your way in their lives. We know that whatever you ask them to do or wherever you ask them to go, it is because you have purposes and reasons that we cannot see at this time, but that will be used for your kingdom and glory. Lord, if it’s possible, we ask that you will make a way that she will be able to spend the extra hours with her children and not at the pharmacy. But, Lord, if you want her life and light shining in that pharmacy, then we trust that you will multiply the time that she has with her family and that, even though the time may not be as much as she would like, it will be full of fruit and will not seem as if things are “missing”. I know that you are able to balance out all things and cause increase in other areas of their lives that kind of makes up for what seems like deficits in other areas. You are amazing, God! Nothing is impossible for you!!!

    I pray that April will feel a deep sense of peace and trust as she waits on your answer, your timing and your will.

    We love you, God! Thank you for caring for us, Your children! You are a good, good Father and on this Father’s Day, we proclaim that You are our perfect heavenly Father and we are so grateful to be called Your children! What love you have lavished on us that we can be called your children!!!

    In Jesus’ name, Amen!


    • Peacefulwife
      June 19, 2016 at 6:03 pm #


      Aw! Thank you, my sweet sister. I am actually planning to run one of your posts tomorrow. 🙂 So it is neat to hear from you today.

      Thank you so much for the prayer. Thank you for being on this journey with me. You are such a blessing to my soul! I pray for God’s continued good work in your life and in your husband’s life, my sweet sister!

      Much love!


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